Students, officials weigh in on dorm safety

FAIRMONT, W.Va (WDTV) - Some college students living in dorms may have woken up at one point from the occasional fire alarm because of burnt pizza.

Fires are just one of the safety concerns when it comes to college dorms.

Housing officials at Fairmont State and WVU set aside a number of "do's and don'ts" to prevent further issues in dorms. There are even prohibited items in order to reduce the risk of fires.

"We discuss training with the RA's and the housing staff to share with everybody in their dorms of items that may be prohibited," said Craig Crimm, the safety director at Fairmont State. "Cooking appliances like hot plates, candles, extension cords."

"Don't leave their iPhones laying out visible to other folks," he added said. "Don't leave laptops or tablets laying around."

Some students at FSU say they feel safe in the dorms.

"There are hall monitors, desk monitors controlling people coming in and out and I definitely feel safe on campus," said Shawn Evans, a junior at FSU.

"Even in the dorms, they always have monitors there," said Brianna Blake, a senior at FSU. "They're very strict on what kind of visitors can show up and stay the night."

At WVU, their Director of Residence Life told 5 News the staff goes through training to ensure safety for all students.

S"They actually even set up a live burn so we can demonstrate how important the sprinkler system is and how it activates," said Trish Cendana, the Director of Residence Life at WVU. "So we do all of those things in regards to fire training."

One student just moved out of the dorms as she enters her junior year. She says she feels proper security measures are taken.

"You had to check certain people in at certain times, and you had to go in main doors after certain hours, and overall, it was a really great experience," said Fallon Mowles, a junior at WVU.

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