Students stand with their teachers and other school service personnel during day one of teacher walk-outs

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Thursday is day one of the teacher walk-outs, and it's affecting the majority of students in West Virginia, but some of those students have decided to stand with their teachers.

"It's definitely important because teachers give up a lot of their hours and a lot of their family time to help us and try to get us ready for our future" says eleventh grader at Lewis County High School Kenny Holden.

Robert L. Bland Middle School sixth grader Isaac Smith adds, "I want to support the teachers because I need an education and they're going to help me change the world someday."

Rain or shine, staff, teachers and students held up signs to fight for PEIA funding in both Lewis and Upshur Counties. Students say that they decided to stand with their teachers at their walk-out today because teachers do so much for them.

"I know a lot of my teachers would go above and beyond to do anything that I needed them to do, so I wanted to be here to support them when they need stuff" says eleventh grader at Lewis County High School Kerri Monnett.

Twelfth grader at Lewis County High School Ian Taylor gives a personal example, "My band director, Mr. Heath, everyday goes above and beyond talking to students. Or my mom, who's a first grade teacher here in the county, goes above and beyond for her job."

When faced with the idea of having a normal school day with sports and after school activities or walking out, the decision was unanimous.

"No, it doesn't matter. I would skip my sports to come out here and support the teachers, I mean they do so much for our community" says tenth grader at Lewis County High School Elizabeth Jewell.

"I liked to be doing something at least, but then again, I'd rather support them. We need them more than I need sports" adds Holden.

The future of education is also something worth thinking about.

"If we lose a lot of teachers, because we've got a bunch of good ones here, if we lose them, who knows who will be teaching" says Holden.