Study: West Virginia 'worst' for jobs in 2017

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - A new study from WalletHub found West Virginia to be the worst state for jobs in 2017.

The study, which you can find next to this article, took into account factors such as the current job market and the economic environment.

Dr. John Deskins, Ph.D, of the Bureau of Economic Research at West Virginia University, says in the last four years, 22,000 people in the state have lost their jobs. While the recession is over, Dr. Deskins says job growth is not moving as fast as people might hope.

"In general, over the next five years, we expect job growth in West Virginia to be only about two-thirds of the national growth rate," Dr. Deskins explained.

Lou Ortenzio says at the Clarksburg Mission, a shelter where about 100 people live, the hardest parts of finding a job come down to logistics.

"A lot of people in service jobs [have] lower income, low ability to afford a car, and the insurance it needs, and transportation in that regard," Ortenzio said, referring to the lack of access to transportation.

Dr. Deskins also cites the declining coal industry as a likely explanation for the state's ranking. You can hear that part of the conversation above.