Summer? Spring? Winter? Records are being shattered with unseasonable heat today. Will the warmth stick around?

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - By just sticking your nose outside this morning, you would guess that it was May or June. Temperatures today are average for the end of May or even the beginning of June! With another month of winter still to go, it is unbelievable how warm we will be getting through the day today.

French Creek Freddie predicted 6 more weeks of winter, but those of us who crossed our fingers and wished for summer got some good news! We have been rather mild over the past couple of days and will be record-breaking hot this afternoon. Daytime highs are forecast to be up to 40 degrees above normal for this time of year.

High pressure sitting off the coast to our east will be circulating warm southerly flow allowing temperatures to soar into the upper 70's and even eclipse 80 degrees in a few locations this afternoon. Records in multiple categories could be broken this afternoon. Daily records across multiple locations, all-time record highs for February, and even earliest 80-degree day are just a few of the records that we could be flirting with today. At just 11 AM, we have already broken two daily records in Morgantown and Elkins, and tied the daily record in Clarksburg! This is the same trend we will continue through the afternoon across more locations. Temperatures remain mild for tomorrow as well which could mean another potentially record-breaking warm day.

Rain returns tomorrow evening with a cold front that will sweep the region and temperatures cool slightly for Thursday. A close eye will be kept on the threat of more flooding across NCWV with rain chances every day Wednesday through Sunday.