Dealing with summer heat during football

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FAIRMONT, W.Va (WDTV) -- Summer seems like it will never go away, in fact this heat in our area is causing much added stress for high school football.

The Fairmont Senior High School football has been practicing in temperatures around 90° this week, with added humidity.

When the coaches know their players will be playing in hot weather, they take extra precautions to keep their players from suffering heat exhaustion.

"We got to keep them hydrated!" Tyler Phillips, who is the Defensive Line Coach for the Fairmont Senior High School Polar Bears, informed us on what he does when a game is to be played in hot weather. "We are definitely worried about hydration, and body temperature. We'll probably have some cold towels on the sidelines tonight for them when they come off the field. We're definitely looking for signs of fatigue and other things of that matter."

While this may sound trivial, the players are also wearing padding and helmets, which are designed to keep them safe from impact, but often add additional heat to their bodies.

According to Mr. Phillips, he believes that playing in the heat is much harder to do than playing in the cold. In fact, he prefers his team to play in winter.

"I think it's better - I think players like it more." Mr. Phillips admits. "Your body doesn't get as hot, pads a feel a bit better. It's not as brutal on your body."

Also wearing extra clothing is the high school marching band, and they must carry their instruments with them at all times.

I asked Nathan Tolliver, a trombonist with the Fairmont Senior High School Marching Band, about who in band he thinks has it the worst during the heat. "Who has it worse in band in the heat? I'd say drum line is probably the worst..." Mr. Tolliver was quick to say, but fortunately for him, "I'm just the trombonist, not too bad for me." He added. "I have a light instrument on my shoulder on top of the outfit, it is not too awful." He chuckled.

Much like the football coaches, the band leaders make sure they have plenty of water for their band members.

While many spectators would prefer watching football in warm temperatures, the players and band members I talked to say the cooler weather is preferred.

In Meteorology, Fall begins on September 1st. So far, our hottest temperature of the year was Wednesday, September 11th, with a temperature of 95° in Clarksburg.

I am Meteorologist Timothy Albertson keeping you connected.