Sunny and beautiful today but some big changes are on the way! Are there talks of more rain?

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - This morning, temperatures are frigid cold, but that will not be the same theme for this afternoon. Sunshine will kick daytime highs into the upper 50's and even lower 60's across a few locations. As high pressure continues to slide eastward, warm southwesterly flow behind it will reinforce warmth for tomorrow as well.

That same stream of southerly to southwesterly flow will bring moisture back into the region as well. Late tonight clouds will be on the rise with rain back in the forecast for tomorrow. Showers will be few and scattered tomorrow afternoon and more consistent on Thursday. A cold front will sweep the area on Thursday and temperatures will begin to drop Thursday night into Friday morning back into the 30's. As those temperatures cool dramatically, we will likely watch a changeover from rain to a rain/snow mix in the lower elevations and possibly to some accumulating light snow in the higher mountainous terrain.