Super Bowl Sunday: What's on your plate?

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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV)-- The most watched sporting event has finally arrived, Super Bowl 51. While fans will be cheering on their favorite team, they will probably have good food right beside them.

According to The U.S. Department of Agriculture, in addition to Thanksgiving the Super Bowl is the second largest day for food consumption in the U.S alone.

"To eat, I'd probably have some popcorn, a coke, a beer and maybe some homemade wine," said Vernon Hofer.

There are over a hundred billion viewers in attendance of the Super Bowl, adding there are over 10 million pizzas being ordered in that day alone.

If the average viewer eats at least 10 hot wings with ranch dressing, that's over 1400 calories. Experts say that you would have to run the entire length of 149 football fields just to burn those calories off.

"One of the things that people experience during big events like this is mindless eating. So you're sitting and you're watching the game and you're not really paying attention to how much or what portion size you're having of that pizza or of those wings or those bowl of chips. So one thing you can consider, for example, is using smaller plates and only putting as much as you can get on the plate. Then you really get the portion size and just sitting down and eating that," said Wellness Coordinator, Shannon Foster.

An easier way to still enjoy the game and eat what you want, try baking the wings instead of frying them with light dressing and try baked chips and hummus instead of fried potato chips.