Surprised this happened close to home, neighbors react to Stonewood shooting

Published: Dec. 22, 2016 at 11:32 AM EST
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A shooting that happened Wednesday in Stonewood has left the community and Harrison County with many questions and few answers.

5 News reached out to residents in Stonewood who live just a few houses away from where the shooting occurred on Hazelwood Avenue, a quiet neighborhood upended night.

Matthew Young has only lived in the neighborhood for six months; "I didn't even notice it happened until I put my kids in bed last night. There's been someone up there since, pretty much all day."

Police have been in and out of the house in question, where a sheriff's deputy shot Codey Hardman.

"I'm surprised that it happened so close to home. Never expected anything to happen here. Everyone seems pretty nice around here" said Young.

Other neighbors who did not want to go on camera told 5 News that they heard the gun shots and said it sounded like a knock at the door. Shortly after, officers came by to check if any bullet casings had hit their home.

A neighbor who is a former EMT saw Hardman brought out on a gurney, based on her experience, she said the outlook appeared grim.

"Kinda shocked that the was a shooting here on our street.I had no idea." This woman, who asked that her face not be shown, has lived on Hazelwood for 16 years. "There's a lot of people who've moved into Stonewood because it is such a quiet neighborhood. There's never any problems here."

According to the sheriff's department, the pellet gun that Hardman was holding was a replica of a .45 caliber Smith & Wesson.

"You see if someone points a gun at them, they've gotta do what they've gotta do. They're trained and you know I support them 100%" said Stonewood resident Russ Short.

According to Sheriff Albert Marano, they have launched an internal investigation into this incident. Stay with 5 News as more details are released in this developing story.