Talking to kids about suicide

MOMSEVERYDAY -- Does talking about suicide with your child put the idea into their head? The answer is a firm "no", but is a common myth about what can be an uncomfortable topic.

Kimberly Zapata writes about mental health and her experience attempting suicide as a teenager.

"One of the reasons it needs to be talked about is because if a child is having suicidal thoughts, it is so scary, not just for a child but for anyone who is having suicidal thoughts. It’s a very terrifying thing to feel, to feel unloved and overwhelmed and like a burden to your family," she says.

She says parents who are concerned about their child should have an open dialogue by introducing the word suicide, which helps remove the shame and the stigma. If you find your child in crisis, get them help immediately, and although you’ll be feeling anxious and guilty yourself – don’t project that on your child who is already feeling like a burden.

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