Talking to your kids about sex

MOMSEVERYDAY -- "Mom, where do babies come from?" It’s a question that most parents dread, but know that at one point, will probably come up.

Public schools offer lessons on health, anatomy, sexually transmitted infections and contraception, but as parents, it’s also our job to educate our kids on these subjects. And while your children and teens may be getting information from their school, friends, and older siblings, it’s important that you are their go-to person.

According to sexuality educator Timaree Schmit, that doesn’t mean being an expert yourself.

"It’s always about making yourself a safe space and making it clear that if you don’t know the answer, we can go look it up," she says.

It’s perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable, for both the parent and the child. Finally, don’t make assumptions about what your child may or may not know and be sure to include a discussion about your family’s values.