Tasty Tuesday - Gibby's Ice Cream and Grill

Gibby's Ice Cream and Grill is known in Shinnston for its frozen treats and affordable homemade comfort food. (Photo: WDTV)
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SHINNSTON, W.Va. (WDTV) -- It was a car wash before it opened five years ago in Shinnston, but now it's a Harrison Couty favorite.

Kristi and Gibson Barnard transformed the former car wash into Gibby's Ice Cream and Grill.

"You can come in, sit down, enjoy and fellowship inside, or you can go through the drive-thru and usually get it fast," Kristi said.

They're widely known for their ice cream, especially during baseball season. But they also have a growing food menu. It includes everything from burgers and salads to boneless wings. They'll soon offer bone-in wings with a variety of sauces.

"Once they come in and see our menu, they're surprised to see what all we offer," Gibson said.

People frequently call ahead to order their lunch or dinner before picking it up in the drive-thru. The offerings in the family-friendly setting are also affordable.

"We have four kids ourselves," Gibson said. "We know what it's like to go out and try to have to buy for the whole family. We try to keep everything reasonable."

They celebrate their fifth year in business in August.

While good homemade food is central to their mission, they want their future successes spurred by their sweet treats.

"I hope we'll be known as the best ice cream place in the state of West Virginia," Kristi said.