Tasty Tuesday - Henry G's Cafe

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ELKINS, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Denver Walter finds his passion behind the grill. He recently moved with his wife to Elkins from Baltimore.

Henry G's Cafe in Elkins has a diverse food and coffee menu made fresh daily inside their winter wonderland. (Photo: WDTV)

When they tried different restaurants around town, they stumbled upon Henry G's Cafe. It's tucked away on 3rd Street off Davis Avenue.

"When my wife and I first moved here, we didn't even know this place was here," Walter said. "We had all the other restaurants around. I said, 'Let's go here and see how it is.'"

It didn't take long after they walked through the doors to fall in love with the food and atmosphere.

"Every time I come in, from the first time to working here, it's been the best," Walter said.

Walter started working here about a month ago crafting the very dishes he fell in love with when he relocated to Randolph County.

This time of year when it's a winter wonderland outside, Henry G's transforms into a winter wonderland inside. There's no shortage of reds and greens and wrapped gifts under the tree.

While their priority is preparing a fresh meal, they take the family-friendly atmosphere they create seriously. Look no further than the kids' corner.

During this most wonderful time of year when mom and dad enjoy a meal together, kids can pen their letters to the North Pole, play with toys and read books.

Everyone here will tell you they have some of the best lattes and coffee in town. Walter will tell you his favorite dish to prepare is the beloved chicken quesadilla.

We also got a look at their freshly-made tuna salad and a tall cheeseburger.

Their appetizers, like bruschetta, mozzarella sticks, and cheesy bacon fries, are half-off from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

No matter what you get from their menu, Walter's end goal for you as a customer is simple.

"I want them to satisfied when they leave here and tell their friends about us," he said.