Tasty Tuesday - The Sweet Spot Bakery & Cafe

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SHINNSTON, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Levi Henderson has long days.

The Sweet Spot Bakery and Cafe opened in Shinnston in September and offers freshly made donuts and pepperoni rolls every day.

When most of us are sleeping, he's making donuts with his crew at The Sweet Spot Bakery and Cafe in Shinnston.

They open here at 5:30 in the morning, but their routine actually starts at 7 p.m.

The process goes like this: Make the dough, let it rise, flatten it out and cut the shapes. All of this happens before they fry and dip the donuts to finish the job.

"It's a unique taste," he said. "You can tell it's homemade compared to something that came out frozen."

This process as a whole is a grind. Levi gets on average two to five hours of sleep every night.

He was born and raised in Shinnston. He opened The Sweet Spot back in September alongside his wife Kelli.

"We wanted to make it ours," she said. "We wanted to make it something that would say, 'Hey, we're serious about this place.' We wanted to make it different."

While donuts are their specialty, they also hand-make pepperoni rolls daily, available in bulk or hot and ready.

You can also pre-order cupcakes from the bakery, or stop in and get cinnamon rolls and muffins. Next week, they'll expand to include lunch options.

For the young business owners, experimenting and crafting the perfect donut recipe is among their top priorities.

"I plan to keep making the product better and better," Levi said. "I just want to keep improving stuff. I want to eventually be the best donut shop around."

19-year-old Luke Baldiga is biking from Canada to Georgia. He stopped by The Sweet Spot on this National Donut Day while he was passing through Shinnston. It's safe to say he approves.

"It's honestly the highlight of my entire week," he said. "You can tell this is a legit donut right here. I'm really enjoying it."

From those just passing through, to the familiar faces, the Hendersons have created Shinnston's newest sweet spot in more ways than one.

"Shinnston has been awesome," Kelli said. "There are so many local people who come in here every day. It's awesome to see familiar faces."