Tasty Tuesday: Sam's Pizza hosts resident's 101st birthday celebration

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BUCKHANNON, W.Va. (WDTV) -- It looked like business as usual Tuesday in the kitchen of Sam's Pizza in Buckhannon.

Longtime Buckhannon resident Hazel Davidson celebrated her 101st birthday at Sam's Pizza.

But on this Tasty Tuesday, it was anything but a normal day.

As was evident from the police escort that pulled into the restaurant's parking lot around noon.

Out of the escorted car stepped Hazel Davidson, who was two days removed from her 101st birthday.

"I've been a good citizen," Davidson. " I didn't think the police would have to come."

The lifelong Buckhannon native thought she was just being treated to a birthday lunch at one of her longtime favorite restaurants.

"This is the biggest surprise I've ever had," she said of the moment.

Little did she know, the police escort was just the start.

Several local businesses donated flowers and a birthday cake topped with candles that donned her new age. Her actual birthday was on Sunday.

As she blew out her candles, the restaurant staff was putting finishing touches on what they do best - a custom birthday pizza, with number 101 spelled out in pepperoni.

"We are definitely honored and blessed to have her," assistant manager Bob Rowan said.

The birthday girl took in the moment and shared her secret to longevity.

"If there's any secret at all, I was raised in a good Christian home," she said. "My mother was 90 and my dad was 87."

While she enjoyed her birthday feast, it was obvious Miss Hazel was the main attraction, but that didn't stop her from occasionally deflecting the attention, stopping to tell two men in uniform she was proud of them for serving their country as they wished her a happy birthday.

The final gift of the afternoon was presented by Mayor David McCauley. He declared Tuesday Hazel Davidson Day in the city.

"If I was a fainting person, I'd pass out," she told the mayor.

She was also presented with the key to the city, typically reserved for the Strawberry Festival Queens.

She said she's been to nearly every festival, including the first one nearly 8- years ago.

"May good health continue for our wonderful celebrant, Mrs. Hazel Davidson," the mayor's proclamation said.