Tasty Tuesday: The Sip Station

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FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WDTV) -- With a generator on its back, snow cone flavors on its side and an espresso machine inside, this bright-colored 1987 truck is unlike anything else you'll likely come across on an average day.

On any given day, you'll find the Sip Station at a festival, sporting event, or even your kid's school serving up hot and cold drinks.

But when it rolls up to your event or outside your office, you know your day is about to get a little tastier.

Welcome to the Sip Station.

They call themselves Northern West Virginia's first mobile beverage truck.

And if you see them out and about, you're bound to get a wave and a smile if you look their way.

On this Tasty Tuesday, they're patrolling NASA Boulevard.

On any given day, you'll find them at a festival, sporting event, or even your kid's school. The Sip Station posts its schedule weekly on Facebook.

Kim Wherley is in her third season running the business along with the help of her husband, who purchased the truck in Florida.

"It's been a grand truck," Wherley said. "I learned to drive it, he gave me the keys, and here we are. He's my maintenance man, my back-up, my partner."

Tyler Echols has been visiting the Sip Station since day one.

"The coffee is great," Echols said. "The fraps are awesome and the creme sodas are great too. Kim is great love her. She knows all of her guests by name. She's really great."

The menu includes all of that and more, including some edible cookie dough.

"Everything is really yummy," Wherley said. "There's always something someone will like, whether you're a little kid or a big kid."

As for those cream sodas Tyler mentioned earlier, the Sip Station offers six different flavors, all of them fruity, fizzy and just fantastic.

As they say here, take life one sip at a time.