Tasty Tuesday: Ali's Mediterranean Cuisine

Published: Apr. 23, 2019 at 6:47 PM EDT
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We took a twist for this week's Tasty Tuesday and went to check out a type of cuisine that is a little different from what many other restaurants in the area offer.

When the owner of Ali's Mediterranean Cuisine moved to the United States in the 1980's, he brought with him recipes from other parts of the world.

"Taste of Iran, or Middle East," said Ali Shirazania. "I mix it up a bit, not all Iran. Hummus, falafel, Lebanese, Syria, and Arabic dishes."

Before he opened this restaurant two years ago, he worked at Chinese restaurants at the food court at the Meadowbrook Mall. When he decided to open this, he wanted something different.

"This area needed different food," said Shirazania. "All over the place is Italian, Mexican, and even going back to my background with Chinese. I would have been competing with somebody."

His goal -- to bring new things to area.

"I'll probably have a better chance at success and offering new products to the community," he said.

"Everything you see here, every day -- daily fresh."

We went through many of the dishes to learn more about what they are and what's in them.

"Greek salad is all the vegetables with a wine dressing, wine vinegar dressing, olive oil, the customer can also get meat on it."

They put their pita on the grill and it's used for many of the different dishes and appetizers.

"This is tabbouleh. Chopped up parsley with vegetables and lime juice."

"The reason I'm here is all because of them."

"Without them, I wouldn't be here."