Tasty Tuesday: Flying Fish & Co.

Published: Jan. 9, 2018 at 6:32 PM EST
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When Flying Fish & Co. opened in 2002 on Mid-Atlantic Drive, it was mainly just a seafood market & deli.

"[The original owner] had a little deep fryer in there where he could make fish and chips, sandwiches, and little things like that, but primarily it was just a source for people to go [purchase] fresh seafood," said the current owner Aaron Bennett.

The food grew so popular that the market evolved into primarily a restaurant. However, the focus remains the same: bringing fresh seafood to the Morgantown area.

Today, I learned how to make scallops: a delicate seafood that cooks to perfection in under five minutes.

Bennett recommends lightly seasoning the scallops with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Then, cooking them in a hot pain with butter and oil. Let each side get golden brown (it takes about four minutes, tops), then plate with white rice.

To top it off, (carefully!) deglaze the pan using white wine. Then, pour that sauce over the top of the scallops. Finally, the simple, fresh dish is ready to serve.

Other dishes include soups, sandwiches and fried or steamed shellfish.

"I like the gumbo, I just tried it today. I like to try something new every time I come," said regular customer Rob Stevens.

But the most popular menu item is the giant fish tacos.

"We have Southern California natives who say our tacos are amazing," said Bennett.

"The fish tacos are the best I've ever eaten," said Mark Roth, another regular customer.

Customers say they'll continue to return for the consistently fresh, authentic meals, and friendly service.

"The seafood is really good," said Stevens.

"It's the best seafood that I think you can get in West Virginia," said Roth.

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