Tasty Tuesday: Iron Horse Tavern

Published: May. 21, 2019 at 6:23 PM EDT
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Last week, we paid a visit to a restaurant in the area that's deep in West Virginia roots.

This week, we tried their sister restaurant in Morgantown. The chefs at Iron Horse Tavern try to keep their menu and overall product as local as possible -- keeping a gastropub West Virginia theme.

"Appalachian inspired pub fare," said Thomas Moore.

Moore knows local food and beer. Their sister restaurant is Mountain State Brewing and they offer many of their beers in house.

"12 taps, all of which bein West Virginia craft beers," Moore said.

They opened about five years ago on High Street, but just added their second location at University Town Center back in the fall. As the restaurant's popularity in the community grew, they needed more space.

"Sheer volume," Moore said. "So this is relatively a small restaurant here and to fit everyone who wants to enjoy our food and our beer, we had to open that second location across town."

While the front of the house is a relaxing atmosphere for you to enjoy your food and state brewed beer -- or any other beverage of your choice -- the back of the house has plenty of activity.

"Lot of West Virginia roots, southern and western Pennsylvania roots," said Moore.

Their food has that gastropub feel. Buffalo burgers, with award winning mac and cheese.Everything has plenty of flavor and even with unique aspects that are different from what you'll find elsewhere.

"With the wings, a little bit of a different style," said Moore said. "The full wing of the chicken."

Why use frozen tater tots when you can have them fresh crafted and made?

"Ramp tater tots that are ramp infused with ramps from here in West Virginia," Moore said.

If you're in the mood for even more comfort food but with a fresh taste --

"Dixie salad with fried chicken," said Moore.