Tasty Tuesday: Joe N' Throw Co-Op

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FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WDTV) -- The sounds of the Joe n' Throw Co-Op in Fairmont range from clay being tossed on a table, the grinding of coffee beans, and the clanking of silverware on plates.

It's a unique coffee house combined with a pottery studio located on Adams Street in the heart of the Friendly City.

The friendly atmosphere is exactly what store manager Rebekah Brown hopes to create.

"It's just a place to be yourself and meet new people," Brown said. "And you can get some good food and some good coffee."

Artwork and pottery creations align the wall upon entry with other pieces of art decorating the rest of the shop.

Brown said a place as welcoming and unique as Joe n' Throw has been a welcome addition to Fairmont since its inception in July 2014.

"It needed it; It still needs it," Brown said. "Fairmont has needed a place for every age group to come together and hang out as friends and hang out as friends over coffee or a craft beer in the evening."

The cozy and perhaps unconventional coffee shop grew out of an idea from an unconventional contest.

"Bob Lane and Mike Gray were the two guys that came up with the idea," Brown said. "They met at a beard growing competition, which seems silly, but if you knew them, you'd know why."

From growing beards to growing a local business - The rest, as they say, is history.

"Business is really good," Brown said. "This year has been one of our most profitable, which is awesome to see that it's continuing to grow."