Tasty Tuesday: Marino Brothers Restaurant

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CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WDTV) - Marino Brothers Restaurant in downtown Clarksburg was born from a love of family.

Jimmy and Frank Marino, owners of Marino Brothers restaurant, pose with one of their giant sandwiches known as "The Village Idiot".

"Our mother was a very good cook, she would make meals at home for us; when our mother passed away 20-something years ago, we started cooking," explained part-owner, Jimmy Marino.

26 years ago, the restaurant started as just a deli where they grew famous for their handmade Italian sausage. As customers' love for the deli grew, so did the demand for more menu items.

"We added a new item and a new item until eventually, it became a restaurant," said Frank Marino, the other owner and oldest of the two brothers.

Several months ago, the brothers moved their operation to a new multi-story building on Baltimore Avenue. The deli is in the basement, the restaurant is on the ground floor and upstairs, there's a reception hall that seats 80.

The brother's aren't the only family members that work at the restaurant.

"It's a family atmosphere; our sisters work here and my niece, and I have three sons who get involved," said Jimmy.

The restaurant is known for their fresh, homemade sausage sandwiches, Italian classics like lasagna, and giant hoagies.

"The antipasto salad is really good and the sandwiches are huge; most nights, one half sandwich is enough for both lunch and dinner," said Bill Johnson, a regular at Marino's.

For the brothers, quality is key to a great meal.

"Absolutely. Fresh and using the best ingredients that you can," Jimmy said.

Frank continued, "We've researched the best products, gone to several food shows, and talked to people from Italy."

Customers say they love Marino Brothers for the great service and authentic, Italian food.

"I come here once a week. The food is good, the service is good," said Johnson.

"It's a good place to meet my buddies for lunch, we generally come here once a week," said Tom Lee, another regular at Marino Brothers.

Lee continued, "If you want Italian food, this is the place to come."