Tasty Tuesday: Mountaineer Grille

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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) - The Mountaineer Grille in Bridgeport has a casual-dining vibe, but offers more upscale creations.

Chef Kevin Pinti's yellowfin tuna and shrimp with green beans and peach-raspberry salsa.

Head Chef Kevin Pinti graduated from The Culinary Institute of America in New York and has cooked all over the United States. When the Mountaineer Grille opened in 2009, Pinti returned to Bridgeport to bring his experience back to his home town.

"I wanted to bring international flavors and seafood to the state," said Chef Pinti.

His brother and owner of the Grille, Joe Pinti, said that his staff is what makes the restaurant stand out from others.

"We do have a really experienced staff and I don't think you get that in a lot of places," Joe said.

The Grille has a variety of things on its menu, but Chef Pinti's speciality is seafood.

"I've had people tell me these are the best crab cakes they've ever had on the East Coast," Chef Pinti said.

Today, I got to go into the kitchen at Mountaineer Grille and watch Chef Pinti make one of his best seafood dishes: a seared yellowfin tuna and shrimp with cajun seasoning, on a pile of fresh green beans and topped with a peach-raspberry salsa.

First, the tuna and shrimp are rubbed in cajun spices then pan seared. Then, the green beans are cooked with some white wine to enhance their sweetness. After everything is done, Chef Pinti tops it all off with a fresh Georgia peach and raspberry salsa, some cilantro, and some additional peach slices and berries.

The meal was delicious. The fish was cooked to a perfect medium rare and the green-beans were tender. Everything was bursting with flavor.

Once I got done tasting, I got to hear what customers think about the restaurant.

"One of my favorite things are the hamburgers and I like coming here because it's locally owned," said Amy Maxey.

"I like the salads and the wraps, and the seafood is very good," Jerry Jolliff said, "I've never had something I didn't like, so there's a good variety here."

"It's all flavorful and their salads are crispy," said Tina Jolliff.

The restaurant, which is attached to a store called Mountaineer World, is currently undergoing some construction to it's parking lot. Although the parking lot won't be ready until late July, the owner doesn't want that to deter people from coming to eat or shop.

"It's a little bit of a tough time without a parking lot," Joe said, "But I would tell people to still support us and they should know that our neighbor businesses are sharing their parking with us."

No matter what you get to eat at the Mountaineer Grille, Chef Pinti says he wants people to leave satisfied.

"We want them to come back and see what we're doing next," said Chef Pinti.