Tasty Tuesday: RocKa Poké Noodle Bar

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV) - RocKa Poké Noodle Bar is a trendy new restaurant and bar in the heart of downtown Morgantown.

The M-Town poké bowl is one of the most popular items on the menu. It comes with rice, ahi tuna and salmon, avocado, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, radish, sesame seeds and spicy mayo.

RocKa's owner, Ton Sittichaimante says he wanted to bring something new to Morgantown that everyone could enjoy.

"My concept is trendy, quality, tasty and pocket-friendly. We want it to cater to everyone; it's for college kids, business men, and families."

The restaurant just opened last week but is quickly becoming a hot spot downtown.

"I like the M-Town rice bowl, it's my favorite," said customer Savannah Steilner, who says she's eaten at RocKa at least three times.

One first-time customer, John Steilner, said, "Great people, great food, so I for sure would come back."

RocKa's specialties include Thai noodles and poké.

"Poké is a Hawaiian dish. Basically, it's an open-face sushi. It comes in a rice bowl, salad bowl, or you can do a buritto," Ton explained.

Other favorites include the bang-bang shrimp, pad Thai, and the sushi tacos. Many of the things on the menu represent the owner's heritage.

"These recipes are from my dad, from my family. They've been taught from generation to generation," said Ton.

The restaurant also features Asian and Hawaiian fusion appetizers, and hand-crafted cocktails.

"The drinks are my favorite. They're really pretty and Instagram-able," said customer Jaclyn Carpenter.

Customers say they love RocKa because it's serves "big city" cuisine at prices that won't break the bank.

"In Morgantown there's no poké at all and it's really popular, so it's good to have this here," Carpenter said.

"It's right downtown and it's more convenient," Savannah said.

To Ton, the best thing about opening this restaurant is getting to share his passion for cooking with the town and the people he loves, saying, "Everyone I've met in Morgantown are all friendly and once you're a Mountaineer, you're always a Mountaineer."

The sushi tacos can be topped with ahi tuna, shrimp, teriyaki chicken, or tofu.
The Vegas Spice bowl comes with ahi tuna and crab meat, cucumber, carrot, red cabbage, avocado, green onion and seaweed, and is topped with sesame seeds and wasabi sauce.
One of the most popular appetizers is the bang-bang shrimp. Crispy, fried shrimp tossed in sweet and spicy sauce and a coconut topping.