Tasty Tuesday: The 1863 Grill

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ELKINS, W.Va. (WDTV) - The 1863 Grill, named for the year West Virginia became a state, has been a staple in Elkins for over 50 years.

The 1863's famous cinnamon rolls, fresh out of the oven.

"We've had a number of people come back who have told me their memories of The 1863 Grill from their childhood," said the manager, Pamela Douglas.

Douglas was hired by the owner, her brother, to re-vamp the restaurant's interior and the menu. Some of the upgrades include new dining spaces for events, lovely decor, and modern, experimental takes on down-home cuisine.

"Customer service is key to me. I want them to feel welcomed, I want to give them an attractive ambiance, and I want them to taste the food and want to come back," Douglas said.

The 1863 has a lot of standout dishes but the grill is famous for one thing in particular.

"My favorite dish; well for me, I'd have to say the nearly world-famous cinnamon rolls," said one customer, Tracy Fath.

The cinnamon rolls come from a recipe that has been handed down since the restaurant first opened. Now, the grill employs specially trained pastry chefs to make the sweet, sticky treats.

The 1863 is also known for their baked steaks, made from Douglas's mother's recipe. Another customer favorite is the Kansas City-style barbecue, which is cooked in an enormous smoker until it's tender and juicy, and then covered in Douglas's special-recipe smokey barbecue sauce.

"I had the brisket and the pulled pork, and it was excellent," said Derick Foster, a first-time customer at the 1863.

"I'm hoping that over the course of my involvement here, it just gets better and better," said Douglas.

The restaurant has stood the test of time and even after 50 years and a handful of renovations, people still love The 1863 Grill.

"It was my first time here and I will definitely be back," said customer Kyle Captain.