Taylor County leads state in February business growth

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TAYLOR COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Taylor County is in business.

According to the Secretary of State's office, it experienced the best business growth by percentage in the state during the month of February.

13 new businesses registered with the state during the month of February, bringing the total number of businesses in the county to 465.

That's a 2.42 percent growth from the previous month.

One city that had a strong month of February: Historic Grafton, which brought in eight new businesses last month.

Local business owner tom hart is the chairperson of All Aboard Grafton.

"We're a community engagement group," Hart said "We meet weekly and we're all about trying to improve the quality of life in Taylor County."

The organization works together with the Taylor County Development Authority, formed to help encourage business growth in the county.

But why should businesses choose Taylor County?

"I think Taylor Count has a lot to offer," Hart said. "We have a lot of recreation venues, we have a great school system, and the cost of living isn't as much as it is in surrounding counties."

The county has a historic past. Recently, It's been hurt by businesses leaving and hit hard by the drug epidemic.

But as for its future, Hart is optimistic.

"The past is important, but we have to look ahead to the future and think of the promise that it has," Hart said ."But really, all we have is today. We have to look around at the resources we have and make the most of it."

Officials hope the new businesses will bring additional tax dollars to the county. One non-profit was included in that list.

Links to the full Secretary of State's report and individual businesses opened throughout the county are available in 'Related Links' (Below on mobile; to the right on desktop.