Teachers respond to idea of raise brought up in State of State

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - In Wednesday night's State of the State, Governor Jim Justice said he'd like to give teachers around the state a one percent raise, and possibly more in the future.

How do teachers feel? One said it helps in a sense, because it's still a raise.

Other said they'd really like to see more in the coming years. They said they don't do their job for the money, but instead for the love of their students and the chance to play such a vital role in their lives.

"When you compare West Virginia to the surrounding states, it still doesn't make us equal or close to the pay that the teachers get there," said Kathy Fisher, a teacher in Monongalia County. "Those of us that stay here, we love our students, we love the state, and we want to see the state blossom into what it's capable of being."

Justice, along with Marion County Delegate Guy Ward (R-Marion), seem to be pretty much on the same page. They'd like for all state employees to get a raise, and that they certainly deserve it. The question becomes: how much can the state afford to give them?

"It's not enough," Ward said. "But we can't give anything we don't have. Last year we didn't give them any increase because we didn't have it. This year it looks like we can because it looks like we're going to have it."