Teachers say strike is getting dangerously close

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV)- Teachers are now into the second consecutive week of walk-ins and rallies and say they are inching closer and closer to a strike.

Morgantown educators and state employees gathered outside of the high school Friday morning. Supporters were on hand with posters and chants, standing in unity in the rain. Those in attendance say they are trying to get their message across once again.

State personnel say the rallies help gain support, but clearly it is not doing enough to get lawmakers in Charleston to hear them. They say if nothing changes after meetings over the weekend, the walk-ins will turn into walk-outs.

"There's a big push right now and I think that after Monday, if things don't change, I think there will be some action," Morgantown High School teacher Barb Solly said. "There are already counties going out so i think we are very close."

Many parents have stood side by side with their local educators over the past few weeks. They acknowledge their children will be effected by a walk-out, but say they understand why the state employees are taking action.

"Isupport what it takes for the government understand that they need to fully fund PEIA for all public employees," one local mother said. "It's not just about teachers, but if we can make a statement we're going to do it."

It is not known if or when a teacher strike would happen. Employees say they hope it does not go that far, but they will do what they feel is necessary. Many are trying to hold out until after Monday.