School service personnel explain difficulty living on salaries, PEIA

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - For so many public employees in our state, they're trying to feed their families and put their kids through college on a state salary.

Thousands of teachers in Monongalia County are speaking up about how difficult it can be to make it considering salary and PEIA benefits.

Amie Becilla is a teacher in Morgantown, and she told 5 News she has various health problems.

"I'll be forced to have to quit my job and go on disability so I could afford my medical care," Becilla said.

Like several teachers, they have a love and passion for working with children so much that Becilla has gone the extra mile when it comes to supporting students.

"I've taken in several former students and former students of my schools," she said. "I have three jobs to do so."

Jonna Napolillo has four children -- two in college and two in high school.

"I am a college graduate with a master's degree and I'm finding it difficult to survive and take care of my own family," Napolillo said.

She's a middle school math teacher whose husband spent years working as a coal miner.

"He was diagnosed in 2013 with acute leukemia," she said. "Thank goodness he's well at this point and has been well for a little over two years."

Napolillo says it's harder to raise a family with all of these factors.

"It's just very difficult just making it with my current salary and with the increasing costs," she said.