Teachers, school personnel and community calling 55 United a movement

HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) -- As the statewide strike is over, many have said that it has become a symbol of unity and even a movement. This coming from union leaders all the way to parents.

As teachers, school personnel and students are back in the classroom, they say they won't forget these past nine days. They say it has been quite a ride from the time they started holding rallies to Governor Justice signing the pay increase bill.

School employees also say they can't believe all the support they received from their communities, the state and even from people of other states. They're also stunned how teachers in Oklahoma are following their 55 United footsteps.

"I've been in AFT a long time and I've been a president for quite a few years, I've never seen this amount of people educating themselves and people becoming politically aware," said Sam Brunett, president of AFT-Monongalia County.

Brunett says he's amazed at everything he has seen and believes this will be in the history books.

As the statewide strike made national headlines, parents were also watching. Even though some most supported the strike, yet some became worried as kids were not attending school. However, they say seeing teachers and school personnel filling the halls of the capitol and holding picket lines was quite a scene.

"The parents I think it's great that everyone came together and supported teachers and made it happen," said Ying Ni, a parent.

Unions say it isn't over. They're still waiting to see what happens with PEIA.