Teachers spending their own money on school supplies

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LEWIS COUNTY, Wv. "I spend well over $1,000, probably a lot more. I've never added it up, probably because I'm a kindergarten teacher too, I buy extra supplies" says Kindergarten teacher at Peterson-Central Elementary School Lisa Brake.

"Teachers have always done that historically. That's just the nature of them. They'll see something and they'll say, 'oh, that'll be great for my class, I think I'll purchase that'" says Lewis County Superintendent Steve Casto.

Teachers are always using learning supplies in their classrooms and these supplies add up fast, and often times they're the ones that pay.

"A lot of times we're buying our own crayons because we need, like in kindergarten, two to three packs to last through the year, so that money doesn't stretch throughout the whole year" says Brake.

Mrs. Brake says that these supplies are necessary for hands-on learning, a technique she feels is best for her young students.

"We try to incorporate some art, hands-on learning, so most of those we buy ourselves" says Brake.

The Lewis County Board of Education says that because the county has a levy, that should give teachers enough money for supplies.

"We have a levy that provides instructional materials to all the schools, in fact, for this year we've given over $270,000 for instructional material" says Casto.

"The county does provide us with some money and we do have faculty senate money that we can use for paper, glue, pencils, things like that; the basics" says Brake.

If the budgeted money is there, why do teachers go above and beyond for their students?

"We love our kids and we don't want to see them be deprived and so we try to go above and beyond and do a little extra for our kids because they're our future" says Brake.

"We have budgeted money for those types of supplies for those preschool and kindergarten classrooms, so if it's not enough they can always go to the principal or they can come up here" adds Casto.