Teachers, students, and parents rally against education bill

MONONGALIA COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) Teachers, parents, and students from across Monongalia County braved the cold weather to rally together in their fight against senate bill 451.

The bill recently passed through the State Senate and is now in the hands of the House of Delegates.

Multiple education leaders spoke about their issues with the bill, all of them addressing the issue of charter schools.

"If you're going to invest money the place to do it is in community schools, not a separate system, don't create charter schools," Heather Deluca-Nester, Monongalia County Education Association President said

While they agree there's a need for education reform, education leaders say they want to be involved in creating that reform.

"We have a bill right now that was introduced and had no input from parents, had no input from teachers, no input from superintendents, and no input from board of education," Sam Brunette American Federation of Teachers Mon County president said

Leaders from the across the county met in Flatwoods Saturday and came to a consensus on what teachers will do if this bill goes forward.

"Overwhelming support from every teacher and service personnel in the state that if an action is needed based on this legislation, then an action can now be granted by our state leadership," Brunette said

However, teachers say they hope another year of striking is avoidable.

"Is another strike coming?" "Well first of all, that's our last resort," Deluca-Nester said

And although most students effected by this legislation aren't old enough to vote, they want legislators to know that the way they act on this bill will impact the future.

"If we're the primary concern than I feel our legislators should pay attention to the voices of the youth," Aiden Koon, a student at Morgantown high school said "We can't vote, but we're the ones that matter and we will be voting soon, so I hope they remember that,"