W. Va. House of Delegates adopts SJR 12, organizations react

HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) -- The House of Delegates adopted SJR 12 on March 5 and will be heading to the ballots in November.

This resolution will amend the state's constitution saying there's no presumed right to abortion. The house passed it by a high margin of more than two-thirds.

Some local organizations oppose this. They say this passage is out of touch and it attacks the basic rights of women. They also say they will continue to fight by holding seminars around the state. These will teach locals what this resolution could do before they go and vote.

"I think they made a big mistake. The language in the amendment is incredibly clear and West Virginians will understand how truly radical this amendment is," said Joseph Cohen, Executive Director for the ACLU-WV through YouTube.

"I am absolutely confident after talking to voters around the state that this is a bridge too far," said Margaret Chapman Pomponio, Executive Director for WV Free.

At the same time, other organizations are glad the House voted in favor of this resolution. They say it will return the state constitution to a neutral position on abortion and abortion funding. They also say a woman's right to abortion won't be affected, and tax dollars will only be used in a life-threatening situation.

"Tax dollars will be if your life is in danger or if there is a medical emergency or in cases of reported rape or incest or if there's a fetal anomaly," said Karen Cross, Political Liaison for West Virginians for Life.

This amendment will be in the ballots on Nov. 6.