The Town of White Hall passed the first reading of business registration fees ordinance

WHITE HALL, W. Va. (WDTV) -- White Hall council met on Feb. 12 and passed the first reading of their business registration fees ordinance.

This reading would update the fees to $25. It was first proposed for $30, but the council changed it to be compatible with the state's fees and surrounding cities.

They also updated to a $100 fine to businesses that do not pay their registration fees at the beginning of the year.

Mayor Guy Ward said it has been years since this fee has been updated, yet it remains as one of the lowest in the area.

"It will help a little bit. It will help bring an extra $10,000 a year, which it will be nice," said Ward. "We're the lowest in the area."

There will be two more readings on this ordinance.

The council also decided not to proceed on making changes on the alcohol and tax fees ordinance, as their current fee is the same amount that the state charges.