The West Virginia PEIA finance board to hold public hearings

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WDTV) -- The West Virginia PEIA finance board will hold public hearings throughout the state regarding a proposal on PEIA premiums for families with dual state incomes.

The hearings have been scheduled for February 12 in Charleston, February 13 in Morgantown and February 14 in Beckley.

According to a press release from Governor Jim Justice's office, the proposal pertains to 5,120 state employees.

"Families with more than one state employee will take their combined state income and divide it in half," the governor's office said. The result would be a "tier reclassification and premium reduction for those families."

“Again, I am aware and understand the challenges and the struggles our families are faced with and I’m going to continue to review and recommend policy changes to get PEIA premiums reduced wherever they can be,” Justice stated.

On February 20, the PEIA finance board will meet to consider action on the proposal.