The decision to place a child in a gifted program

For some, being in a gifted and talented program is not worth the label of being different. For others, the challenging work is necessary for a good working environment. Either way, making the decision to move to these classrooms is a challenge for many parents. That was the topic of conversation with our moms' panel.

"One of my biggest concerns is, is it a lot more work? Does it make him stand out in an uncomfortable way for him - will he be ok with doing that," says MomsEveryday Host Autumn Outlaw.

"I think the question as parents to look at is, is your child interested? Would it be something they could potentially enjoy doing?" says School Counselor Danielle Herzog.

"One of my close friends has a child that’s extremely gifted. I’m talking 2nd grader reading at a 9th grade level, doing 6th grade math, and the school they were at previously. It was really sad because they didn’t know how to challenge him, they didn’t have the staff to support him, and he sat in front of the computer all day teaching himself long division. They are actually moving school districts now to go to a new school district primarily to support him and it’s like night and day," says Lactation Counselor Notesong Srisopark Thompson

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