Thousands pack Capitol grounds for teacher rally

Courtesy: WSAZ/Jatara McGee
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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) –- Thousands on Friday afternoon packed the West Virginia Capitol grounds, including students and parents showing support for striking teachers and state service personnel.

The boisterous rally came on the seventh day of the statewide teacher strike in West Virginia.

Teachers and school service personnel have been chanting ‘’see you Monday’’ and ‘’we aren’t going away’’ -- sending lawmakers a message that they aren’t leaving until there is more movement and action following Gov. Jim Justice’s promise earlier this week.

The one piece of legislation people are watching is the pay raise bill that would give educators a 5 percent raise. In the hands of Senate, it may not even be discussed Friday.

That bill was briefly discussed by the Senate on Thursday after the House passed it, but the Senate voted to send it to their Finance Committee. Its members are expected to meet Friday afternoon, but it's unclear whether the bill will be discussed.

Even if classes aren’t canceled Monday morning, a lot of teachers and school service personnel are expected back at the Capitol then.