Tips for developing and keeping healthy habits for the new year

(CNN) -- If you're looking to develop new healthy habits for the new year, you need to start with commitment and consistency. Breaking in a new habit can be a challenge but repetition helps it become the norm.

For instance, the first few days at a new gym or morning workout routine can be rough. That's why experts suggest you start small with your goals.

Take a walk at the same time every day. Extend the time and distance gradually.No one expects you to go all in on day one. You shouldn't either.

If you currently do not have a regular meal schedule, look into changing that. Eating your meals and enjoying healthy snacks at the same time every day can improve your metabolism. That's why it's important not to skip meals to save calories.

Know your limits and don't set unreasonable goals. If you want these new habits to become a part of your daily routine, just remember, dedication is key.