Tips to buying and maintaining a Christmas Tree

MARION COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) -- Many homes will have a Christmas tree decorated just in time for holidays, full with lights, ribbons and ornaments.

When looking for the right one, many experts say lean towards a real one.

"Real trees is the real meaning of Christmas because it's live, you smell the pine, you can enjoy the fragrance from it," said Betty Hurst.

There are many types of trees that you can choose from but you have to keep in mind about needle retention.

"The species make a difference, the firs will hold their needles the pines will hold their needles," said Lucille Martin, co-owner of Mt. Zion Nursery.

Fraser fir, scotch pine and white pine are the most popular ones when it comes to needle retention.

If you buy a live tree, keep the root moist. One way you can do that is placing ice cubes on the roots.If you have a cut one, it's different.

"If you got a cut tree, you definitely need to keep water to it and how much water it doesn't make any difference," said Martin.

If you're worried about allergies, according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Science and the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, some people may be allergic to tree pollen or tree sap but it's not widespread and real trees are unlikely to produce pollen in December.

"We have trees that range from $100 to $159," said Hurst.

All trees range in prices, both real and artificial, but experts say real trees help the environment and are less likely to catch on fire if you keep in in a safe place.

"They're not going to catch fire if you use electric lights that aren't freight or so on," said Martin. "You don't want to do anything to put it near something or at least light but it won't burn up like a torch or anything."