Fire Levy Vote will be decided tomorrow in Lewis County

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The fire levy vote is being voted again tomorrow after it failed by a narrow margin to get a 60% approval rating when it was on the ballot during the presidential election.

"The levy consists of $3 million that would be divided, over a 5 year period, so each department would receive $100,000 per year" says President of the Lewis County Fire Board Bobby Stewart.

This $100,000 per year would be going to the 6 Lewis County Volunteer Fire Departments to help with expenses.

"Utilities, vehicle expenses, insurance expenses, and honestly, insurance expenses is one of the huge factors" says Stewart.

President of the Fire Board Bobby Stewart tells 5 News that there are so many unfunded mandates from the state that need to be paid in order to keep fire department doors opened, and that is where the majority of money will be going.

Stewart explains, "You're looking at $35,000-$40,000 just in insurance."

If the levy does pass, there is one expense that will be cut.

"Only if the levy passes, the fire fee will go away" says Stewart.

Fire Board President Stewart says, "It's tough" to meet all the costly needs of the fire department.

"People that are there, they are trying to help the community. They're trying to serve and do what they can and it's just tough when there's no funding" says Stewart.

The fire levy vote is tomorrow, either giving more funding to the volunteer fire departments in Lewis County or not, but this vote has been a controversial one.

"Like if your house burns down then you're obviously going to need somebody to come rescue you. I think you should vote yes because it's going to help you in the long run" says Weston resident Tera Stout.

"I'd probably vote no, because I don't think the people in Lewis County need any more taxes put on them" says Weston resident Lane Synder.

The 6 Volunteer Fire Departments that would receive the funding, if the levy passes are:
- Weston Volunteer Fire Department
-Jane Lew Volunteer Fire Department
-Walkersville Volunteer Fire Department
-Jacksons Mill Volunteer Fire Department
-Midway Volunteer Fire Department
-Pricetown Volunteer Fire Department

If you want to find out just how much tax dollars you would be paying go to

Type in your class and personal information into the tax estimator and you'll be able to see your proposed fire levy rate.