Traffic safety concerns discussed at Randolph County Commission meeting

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Traffic safety is a rising concern for the town of Beverly, especially regarding semi-tracker trailers.

"Becuase we have semi-tractor trailers that are turning onto FIles Creek Road in Beverly and there are some sharp S-turns" says Executive Director for the Randolph County Developmental Authority Robbie Morris.

The developmental authority has also recognized another problem.

"A lot of what's going on is the semi-trucks are just putting in an address that isn't really an official address for these plants" explains Morris.

"That some of them are getting directions to go to some of the facilities up Files Creek Road. There's a real sharp S-turn that they have to negotiate and they get stuck" says Randolph County Commission President Michael Taylor.

Residents talked to 5 News and they say that they recognize these traffic issues.

"That curve is very dangerous, especially when it's icy. That's why I think the speed limit definitely needs to be dropped down" says Beverly resident Cynthia Eversole.

Help from the Randolph County Commission is being granted to the Office of Emergency Management in addressing and fixing these issues, but the community sees another problem.

"I think a lot of the traffic issues is people don't like to obey the speed limit. They want to go 50 and 60 and they just assume that everything is going to be okay" says Beverly native Lucas Leary.

"I think that the roads should be 25mph for the speed limit. The trucks fly up and down here, there's a lot of children and a lot of people that live here that cross this road that does not have vehicles, so I honestly think they should drop it to 25mph" says Eversole.

"It would be up to the Division of Highways to either raise or lower the speed limit and then it would be up to the sheriff's office or the state police to enforce it" says Taylor.

5 News reached out to the Elkins Division of Highways (D.O.H.) about the speed concerns. The D.O.H. says that they haven't heard of any complaints, but that they would heighten patrol. One local resident shares a reminder for his community members.

"When you drive a car, you take on an awesome responsibility. It could be a dangerous weapon" says Beverly resident Bud Cupp.