Troopers: Thousands cited for not wearing seatbelts in safety campaign

Over 12,000 citations were issued in a one week span in six states for not wearing a seatbelt.
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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSAZ) - More than 12,000 drivers were cited during a week-long safety campaign across six states including Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Troopers in the three states partnered with state police in Indiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania from May 20 to May 27 to crack down on the safety violations.

Troopers with Ohio State Highway Patrol say more than 6,300 citations were given in Ohio alone. They also issued close to 150 child safety seat citations.

In Kentucky, almost 1,600 seatbelt violations were issued, and almost 90 child seat citations were handed out.

The fewest citations were in West Virginia. Just over 800 seatbelt violations were found, and 15 child safety seat citations.

Across all six states, more than 650 child safety seat violations were given.