Several rally for Trump in Elkins

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ELKINS, W.Va. (WDTV)-- After only two weeks as President of the United States, over 25 cities have gathered to protest a large majority of President Trump's new polices, but there have also been rally's in support of the new president.

Members of the West Virginia Patriots Organization gathered at the Iron Horse Statue in Elkins Saturday to express their support or President Trump.

"It's really important that the American people and our President knows that there are folks out here that support him and what he's doing," said Pastor Mike House.

Supporters held signs and waved flags to those who passed by and encouraged a honk.

"It's about sovereignty, it's about security, about safety in our country. We love folks, we love immigrants, we want to see them come in. Immigration is important for our country, but it should be done legally and done the right way," said House.

Others find that a rally for Trump during the multiple protests against Trump seem a little unbalanced.

"If people are rallying to support Trump it's almost a red flag in political tone-deafness," said Justin Click, WV Young Democrats Programming Director.

Click encourages those supporting President Trump to do just one thing.. listen.

"If anything, to people who are supporting Donald Trump, take a step back and not listen to what's coming from Kellyanne Conway or Sean Spicer and take a moment to listen to the actual people protesting."

The rally took place for about an hour.