Tucker County High School unveils collaborative student project

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TUCKER COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) -- On a brisk Tuesday morning, welding students from Mineral County Technical Center and auto body, carpentry and art students from Tucker County High School joined together outside of the school to unveil the project they have spent the last six months working on.

The project took six months of collaborative effort.

"This project has been a very long haul for us and it is actually really impressive considering our shop bases and how everything works," said Robbie Weaver, the foreman from Mineral County Technical Center.

The assistant foreman, Cole Hamilton went on to thank the hard work of everyone involved in the project.

The gates, painted gold and black, are adorned with mountain lions, the Tucker County High School mascot. At the center is a large keyhole, which was used along with a ceremonial giant key to officially open the gates and reveal the project.