Two arrested in connection to a robbery

Marcus Penrose and Thomas Corcione were arrested after they allegedly robbed a man. (Source: North Central Regional Jail)
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV)-- Two men were arrested after they allegedly robbed a man.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim told police that he and two other people were at his apartment on Allen Avenue when two men entered the apartment wearing all black and ski masks on Nov. 4. The men had pistols and demanded property and money.

The victim told police that the men took $400 cash.

Before the men left, one demanded that he put $1,000 cash in the mailbox on Nov. 11 and Nov. 18, according to court documents.

Police say one of the men sent a Snapchat the victim on Nov. 7 threatening that he would kill the victim if he did not have the money in the mailbox on Nov. 11. The man sent a Snapchat to the victim on Nov. 11 asking if the money was in the mailbox.

Police and detectives placed a false envelope in the mailbox and told the man via the victim's Snapchat that the money was there. The man replied that he was on his way to get the money.

Detectives saw 19-year-old Thomas Corcione arrive at the apartment and get the envelope from the mailbox, then leave the area.

Police arrested Corcione.

While Corcione was in custody, his cell phone got several calls from a phone number, according to court documents. The number was later determined to belong to 27-year-old Marcus Penrose.

After Corcione was in custody, the victim continued to receive Snapchat messages from Corcione asking where the money was at, according to the complaint. The victim told him that it was in the mailbox.

Detectives then saw Penrose leave the area of Corcione's residence and go to the victims mailbox and get another envelope.

Penrose was taken into custody.

Witnesses told detectives that Corcione and Penrose talked about the robbery before and after.

Corcione has been charged with conspiracy, extortion and robbery in the first degree.

Penrose has been charged with conspiracy, conspiracy to commit robbery extorsion and robbery in the first degree.

They are being held at North Central Regional Jail.