Two arrested after police find meth and marijuana on them

Robert Burns and Rebecca Lynch were arrested after police found drugs on them. (Picture Credit: Central Regional Jail)
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LEWIS COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- Two people were arrested after police found methamphetamine and marijuana on them Monday.

According to the criminal complaint, troopers received a call about a larceny complaint at the WalMart on Berlin Road. Troopers were told that a man and woman left WalMart in a red color car, and they stole a battery pack and make-up.

Troopers say they were able to pull the car over and talked with the driver, Roger Lynch who appeared nervous and talkative.

According to the complaint, troopers smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from within the car.

Troopers met with other police officers and asked Lynch and the woman to step out of the car. They asked if there was anything stolen or illegal in the car, and Lynch to them no.

The woman was asked to get out of the car, according to the complaint. She was identified as Rebecca Burns.

Troopers found a small glass on Burns containing methamphetamine.

According to the complaint, Burns said that she was picked up by Lynch, and she had a receipts from her purchase at WalMart.

Troopers searched the car and found a plastic container that had 25 grams of marijuana, in three separate bags and another with bud in an individual smaller baggy. They also found a set of digital scales, 100-500 empty unused dime bags and 3.5 grams on methamphetamine. They found numerous unused small baggies throughout the car, recovered another set of digital scales and found numerous item of drug paraphernalia inside the car.

According to the complaint, Lynch said he recently found the marijuana and was going to show a buddy. Lynch also said that he haul numerous people in his car.

Lynch has been charged with possession with intent to deliver marijuana and methamphetamine. He is currently being held at Central Regional Jail with bail set at $100,000.

Burns has been charged with possession of controlled substance. She is currently being held at Central Regional Jail with bail set around $25,000.