Residents speak out after arrests made in multiple car break-ins

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Two men were arrested after allegedly breaking into multiple cars over the weekend in Monongalia County.

Police said Joshua Bright, 24, and Steven Hughes, 27, both of Morgantown, were found walking in the middle of the street in the area where they received reports of car break-ins Sunday morning shortly before 3 a.m.

"When the officers approached the suspects, they were sweating profusely and attempted to provide false names to the officers," officials said in a press release Monday.

Morgantown Police Chief, Ed Preston, says the duo was experienced, checking doors one-by-one.

"They had a routine. They had a vehicle that they'd drive into the neighborhood and then they'd be on foot. Walk through the neighborhood and check the car doors," said Preston.

Police said they found cars on Theresa Drive, Webster Avenue, Spencer Avenue, Bluegrass Village and Gleaser Place that were broken into by Bright and Hughes.

The pair allegedly stole wallets, GPS systems, clothing, garage door openers and more.

"If you forget to lock your car, you have to worry that somebody's going to get in there and steal something," said Rebecca Beets, who lives in Bluegrass Village.

Beets says this isn't the first time her neighborhood was a target.

"Sometime back, there were like 19 break-ins in one night. In fact, one of our neighbors had his laptop in his car and that was stolen," said Beets.

Another resident says in case someone would want something from his truck, he leaves it unlocked.

"If I keep stuff in there, and they see it, they're going to break a window out to get in the truck. I just leave the truck unlocked so they won't break a window," said Edgar McKinney.

Police said most of the stolen items were returned to their rightful owners except for a wallet and "a number of other miscellaneous items," that are currently at the Morgantown Police Department awaiting return to their owners.

"It makes you uncomfortable," said Beets.

"It makes me feel like I gotta keep my pistol loaded," said McKinney.

Bright was charged with possession of controlled substance marijuana and methamphetamine, concealing stolen property, and auto tampering.

Hughes faces a charge of possession of controlled substances. Police said additional charges are possible.