Two weeks until Groundhog Day, but Spring is already making an early appearance this weekend! How warm will it get and will the warmth stick around?

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - We are just two weeks away from Groundhog Day, the halfway point between Winter and Spring. But Spring is making yet another early appearance this weekend. Good riddance to Elsa and her arctic air! Unseasonably warm air starting to filter in this afternoon, and even warmer air for tomorrow and Sunday!

High pressure slides south of the Mountain State and brings with it warm southwesterly flow. All of the southern warmth is funneled north allowing temperatures to climb into the 50's tomorrow and Sunday. Plenty of sunshine sticks around for today and tomorrow morning. A warm front lifts north of the area Saturday night into Sunday bringing overcast conditions for Sunday and some afternoon drizzle as well.

Even warmer temperatures are squeezed out ahead of our next cold front that will be moving through on Monday. We could be flirting with some 60's on Monday afternoon before cooling back down into the 40's Tuesday. Daytime highs on Monday will be close to 25 degrees above what is average for this time of year. Rain closes out the day on Monday as the aforementioned cold front sweeps across the Mountain State and temperatures drop back down near average for the remainder of next week.