UPDATE: Day-care worker resigns after video of alleged abuse goes viral on Facebook

WILLIAMSTOWN, W.Va. (WTAP) - A day-care employee seen in a video posted to Facebook allegedly abusing a child at a Williamstown swimming pool has resigned.

Photo Credit: Ely Chapman Education Foundation

In a statement Thursday afternoon, the Ely Chapman Foundation said it had accepted the resignation of the woman, who hasn't been identified.

The statement also says she is cooperating with the day care in its investigation.

The statement also says current and former staff members of the day care have received threats via social media and telephone calls since the video was posted.

Police are also investigating those threats, according to the foundation.

The foundation's statement followed a meeting Thursday by its board of directors.

Following is the foundation's statement in its entirety:

"The Ely Chapman Foundation was made aware of an incident involving one of its staff members and a child enrolled in one of their programs. We were first alerted by a phone call from a bystander on site at the Williamstown, WV municipal swimming pool minutes after the incident. The employee was met at the building upon their return and interviewed.

Wednesday evening, we were notified by another staff member that a video of the incident had been posted on social media. Since then, this video has gone viral and comments have proliferated to include threats to current and former staff members and to our facility through social media posts and phone calls to our facility. These threats have been reported to law enforcement.

As soon as we were made aware of this incident, Ely Chapman has followed all appropriate and required guidelines. We have cooperated fully with the law enforcement agencies in West Virginia and Ohio, as well as all other applicable agencies.

An investigation into the actual incident itself continues by law enforcement and by our board. The former employee identified in the video submitted her resignation which was accepted without comment, and she is fully cooperating with us at this time.

All Ely Chapman childcare employees, including the former employee, are trained on appropriate dealings with children under their care or control. An initial review indicates that this particular staff member did receive training on MAY22, 2018. This training is required by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

The Board of Ely Chapman met today to order an internal investigation of this matter, as well as to coordinate our efforts with law enforcement.

It is important for people to understand that the Ely Chapman facility has secure access and entry points. Only authorized persons are permitted entry. The security systems previously in place at Ely Chapman have been reviewed and tested to assure everyone that only authorized personnel can enter our building. This system was placed into operation last year and continues to provide an additional layer of protection to our children, staff and others."

Authorities in Williamstown have confirmed they are investigating after a video was posted on Facebook that allegedly shows a day-care worker abusing a child at the town's swimming pool.

Williamstown Police say a report was filed and they are in the process of conducting interviews.

No charges have been filed, and there have been no arrests.

Officials with the Ely Chapman Foundation in Marietta said Thursday morning that the organization's board of directors was meeting to address the situation.

Late Wednesday, the foundation posted the following statement on its Facebook page.

"I am very unhappy about the situation in the video circling facebook tonight. I will be meeting with the board and will be interviewing the employee tomorrow to review the situation. A formal statement will be available tomorrow."