U.S. Supreme Court to rule on Atlantic Coast Pipeline

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LEWIS COUNTY, W.VA (WDTV) -- The United States Supreme Court has released the cases they will be considering this session. On the list is Attorney General Patrick Morrisey's appeal against a decision blocking construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

The pipeline is expected to run 600 miles. Starting in Harrison County and ending in North Carolina.

The pipeline was halted after an appeals court ruled in December that the U.S. National Forest Service could not issue permits to the project.

In July, Morrisey announced his fourteen-state initiative to appeal that decision.

"The Supreme Court's decision to take this up obviously bodes well for West Virginia, if we get this back online, it will mean great things for all the counties," said A.G. Morrisey.

The appellate court's decision is one that protesters will defend, however.

In a joint statement by the Sierra Club and the Southern Environmental Law Center, the organizations called pipeline an "unnecessary project" and a threat to health, endangered species and clean water.

But Senator Joe Manchin, after speaking at an energy summit Tuesday, said the pipeline is vital to the economy.

"That pipeline is the start of everything economically. Factories are shut down, people are losing jobs, are laid off until that line. That line is getting built sooner or later," said Senator Manchin.

The decision on the pipeline is expected before the court adjourns in July.