Unexpected road closure leaves residents wanting answers

MARION COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV)-- "If the Department of Highways spent as much time making repairs as they spend making excuses, West Virginia roads would not be in this condition," said resident, Marsha Kisner.

A few months ago, 5 News reported on a massive road slip on Plum Run Road that left residents concerned and in danger.

"They did a temporary fix on the road with future plans of fixing the road permanently and the road started to slip more," said Kisner.

Last night, Kisner and other residents were woken by bright lights and trucks dumping piles of materials on the road.

They say there was no warning and it left some with no way to get to work or even get their kids to school.

"I can no longer get my son to his bus stop, so I had to make arrangements for child care, for transportation. Get a hold of my employer to let them know I was going to be late for work," said Kisner.

There are 5 slips on the road alone and nearly 250 people live off of it. Some say they're worried it won't ever be reopened.

One resident has lived on the road since the 70's and he's in shock of the damage.

"They don't even clean the ditches like they should. The ditches hold water and that's what caused this," said another resident, Charles Pethtel.

Jeff Pethtel with the Division of Highways says the slips are in priority order.

He released a statement that said, "It all comes to a priority for us.That doesn't mean that their road's not a priority to us because it is, very much so. But the more traffic that's on the road the higher the priority. We're going to do our best to get this fixed as soon as we can, but right now this is what we have to do."

One day, residents say their health could be at risk.

"This puts an extra 45 minutes on emergency services to be able to get to me and to some of my neighbors. This could be life or death," said Kisner.

The Division of Highways told us they’ve spoke with emergency services to adjust routes to make sure they can get out to the road in an emergency.

The DOH says they plan to fix two of the slips next week.