Upshur County Grand Jury returns 23 indictments for January 2020

A federal grand jury has indicted what authorities say are 15 gang members and associates accused of distributing methamphetamine in southwestern Idaho. (Source: MGN)
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UPSHUR COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - The Upshur County Grand Jury returned 23 indictments for the January 2020 term.

Some of those indictments included:

Thomas Lee Underwood - was charged with one county of burglary, one count of domestic assault, one count of brandishing a deadly weapon, and one count of violation of a protective order.

Ryan Neil Coberly - was charged with one count of escaping from custody, one county of prohibited person in possession of a concealed firearm, and one county of a controlled substance, marijuana

Allison Christine Fultz - charged with one county of burglary, one county of strangulation, one county of battery, and two counts of destruction of property

A full list of indictments is attached to the right of this article.